Floral Design

Flora is an owner-operated florist delivering fresh flowers and plants to the Iowa City, Coralville, Kalona and surrounding communities.  It’s also a labor of love.  As such, I put the highest value on creating unique, fresh, natural gifts and floral décor.  Stiff, dated, franchise flowers are just not my thing!

One of my happiest childhood memories is of planting and tending a flower garden.  I’ve always loved art, horticulture and architecture, and those interests led me to a 30-year career in landscape design.  When time allowed, I added creating wedding florals to the mix.  

Now for Act Two: returning to my childhood love of working with flowers.  We grow cut flowers to supplement the beautiful florals I can buy from local suppliers.  Adding flowers to the corn and soybeans we grown on our farm allows me to make the most unique arrangements possible.  I love the idea of combining the “high and low.”  Roses with Cosmos, Lilies with Lamb’s ear.  You get the picture.  And whenever possible, we use fragrant flowers or foliage to add another layer of beauty. 

We desire to be the best environmental stewards possible.  To that end, we use floral foam sparingly.  Our goal is to create completely recyclable/bio-degradable arrangements.  We also recycle vases; contact us for more information.

Fresh, seasonal and natural.  That’s the way we like our flowers.  So many of us aren’t exposed to the natural world often enough.  A gift of flowers is a wonderful way to touch someone’s life…I would be honored to be a part of that.