About Me

I’m an Iowa girl.  I mention this because we Iowans are not only famously “Iowa Nice,” we come from hardy stock.  This is important because it means that not only do I care deeply about your project, I won’t quit until I’m sure that you love our designs and florals.

When my husband can’t find me, he knows to look in one of our gardens.  When not arranging flowers or scheduling deliveries, you’ll find me reading about flowers, drawing designs or just plain daydreaming about horticulture in general.  

You sensing a pattern?  I may have a problem.  Maybe I should start a support group?

While my 30-year love affair with landscape design continues, I’m delighted to return to working with cut flowers every day.  Supplementing my floral designs with flowers grown on our farm is not only a joy for me, it means that your gifts and event décor are fresh, seasonal and unique.

Flowers and design have been driving forces for my entire life. Put my obsession with all things floral to work for you!