Landscape Design

I’ve worked in landscape design for almost 3 decades.  After college, I managed a garden center for 4½ years.  The practical experience I gained during this time greatly informed my design work.  Being the tiniest bit obsessed, I also installed lots of gardens on our farm…almost more than I can maintain.  But the therapeutic nature of gardening and the need for a creative outlet drove me on.  

And I’m so glad it did!  Despite the aches and pains that work brought, I would do it all again.  The best way to understand what works and what doesn’t is to build something.  All of that hands-on experience has made me a better designer.  It has also taught me the value of considering maintenance requirements while designing.  

Whether you need a simple planting plan, consulting or a full-scale construction project, I’m happy to help.  I’ve designed and helped implement thousands of projects, ranging from residential plantings, patios and outdoor kitchens to large commercial projects. 

Surveying and engineering services are available as needed.  Fees are hourly and I provide a free estimate of fees before our initial meeting.  I also provide General Contractor services, allowing you to deal with one person throughout your project.  Put my industry contacts and experience to work for you today.

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